Bankoe Division

Among these five divisions, Bankoe is the seat of the paramountcy and is administered by the Agbogbomefia who is assisted by a host of traditional office holders. They include:

  1. the Afetorfia Gbedodala, who is in charge of the customs and traditional practices of the state;
  2. the Atamfia, the custodian and administrator of the Great Oath of the Asogli State, and
  3. the Tsiamiga, the paramount linguist, whose staff of office announces the presence and authority of the Agbogbomefia.


There are other equally important office holders who serve on the Council of Elders of the paramountcy. The Bankoe Division takes the “Ali” (the waist) of any customarily slaughtered animal symbolizing its position and authority as the seat of the paramountcy.

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